New book – Spazi sonori della musica


This book was conceived as a continuation of the 10th International Ethnomusicology Seminar held in January 2004 by the Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies. It consists of writings by Giannattasio, Feld, Garroni, Canévet, Müller, Tedeschini Lalli, Vidolin, Cadieu, Giuriati, Rappoport and Ricci. The Venice event was organised by Francesco Giannattasio, who also devised the whole series of seminars aimed at discussing major issues in intercultural musicology. The volume brings together papers presented at the seminar plus some contributions which the editors had requested from the organisers and other experts not present in Venice and concerning a number milieus not contemplated in the Venetian seminar. The consequent interdisciplinary book features writings from experts in the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, mathematics, physics, acoustics, anthropology and aesthetics. All the papers focused on an issue rarely dealt with in contemporary musicological discourse, namely “the sound spaces of music”. Space is an indispensable dimension of sound, a parameter on a par with others such as time (duration), intensity and frequency. The book systematically tackles the issue from an interdisciplinary point of view as the various experts reflect on this element of sounds organised by human intervention. The result is a close-knit dialogue involving perceptual phenomena, places of sound diffusion, physical-mathematical analytical models, historical issues, anthropological-cultural perspectives and aesthetic views.


~ by etnomusicologica on 25 December 2010.

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